Why Pathway to Cures?

While there has been significant progress made over the past decades on effective treatments for inheritable blood and bleeding disorders, that progress has been limited to hemophilia A and hemophilia B. The vast majority of inheritable blood and bleeding disorders have seen little progress made on development of disease modifying therapies, with a lack of funding for early-stage development being the biggest roadblock.

Leveraging our deep ties in the scientific community, P2C seeks to attract the additional capital needed from traditional venture capital, biotech and pharma entities to close the early-stage funding-gap and drive innovation in development of cures and treatments for those living with inheritable blood and bleeding disorders.

The Early Stage Funding Gap

Discovery &

Discovery & Development: Narrowing down thousands of potential targets to a handful, with researchers generating insights that help them identify new technologies or new uses for existing technologies.

Pre-Clinical Research: As research progresses, scientists work to further narrow the list of potential target molecules that show promise and work to further understand their mechanics.

Clinical Research: To help a developer understand the effects of a given biologic on humans, the drug candidate enters clinical trials on a small population of patients.

Government Review: The process of reviewing clinical data and chemistry, manufacturing, and controls information submitted to regulatory bodies takes time.

Commercialization: Pending FDA approval, the therapy or technology enters into the market for widespread use.

Relationship with the National Bleeding Disorders Foundation (NBDF)

P2C is a catalyst in realizing NBDF’s vision of a world without inheritable blood and bleeding disorders.

With NBDF as its parent organization, P2C provides the competitive advantage of expertise in inheritable blood and bleeding disorders research with deep ties to the advocacy and broader scientific communities. Leveraging NBDF resources, P2C can invest in innovative therapies and technologies while “de-risking” the investments for our private capital partners by providing in-depth access to a network of leading scientific research and experts.

NBDF is a donor to P2C and a critical partner in realizing our mission. However, P2C operates independently, and is run by an experienced team of investors, scientific researchers, and medical and healthcare professionals.

Let’s Find Cures Together!

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