New York, NY, October 9, 2023 – Pathway to Cures (P2C), the venture philanthropy fund of the National Bleeding Disorders Foundation, focused on early-stage companies developing cures, therapies, or enabling technologies in support of the inheritable blood and bleeding disorders community, announces a transformational gift to their fund.

Kim and Scott Martin have made a founding donation to Pathway to Cures venture fund adding to the existing estate gift which launched the fund earlier this year.

“My wife and I feel privileged to launch the fundraising efforts for Pathway to Cures. Our son was diagnosed with Hemophilia B at birth, and we have focused his entire life around finding cures and treatments so he and thousands of others living with inheritable blood and bleeding issues have a better quality of life,” said Scott Martin. Scott Martin serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors for Pathway to Cures and has served on the National Bleeding Disorders Foundation for the past nine years, currently as Chair of the Board as well.

“We are so grateful for the continued support of Kim and Scott who have been donors to the National Bleeding Disorders Foundation for many years,” said Len Valentino, MD. Dr. Valentino is the Chief Executive Officer at both Pathway to Cures and the National Bleeding Disorders Foundation (NBDF), “as a donor to the venture fund, Scott will also serve as a member of the Donor Advisory Committee for Pathway to Cures. Scott was involved from the onset of discussions and eventual creation of the NBDF venture philanthropy fund to fulfill our vision of a world without inheritable blood and bleeding disorders.”

P2C brings investment dollars, knowledge, scientific and community relationships together to facilitate development of new products to address the unmet needs of the blood and bleeding disorders community. Inheritable blood and bleeding disorders include rare and ultra-rare blood disorders, hemophilia A and B, Von Willebrand disease, sickle cell disease, anemia, clotting disorders, and other hematological disorders, affecting more than 20 million people worldwide.

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About Pathway to Cures

Pathway to Cures (P2C) is a venture philanthropy fund created to accelerate development of cures across all inheritable blood and bleeding disorders. In collaboration with other organizations, P2C invests in innovative therapies and technologies, leveraging the deep resources and scientific community relationships of its parent organization, the National Bleeding Disorders Foundation. By reinvesting proceeds from investments back into the Fund, P2C will amplify investment impact, support promising companies, and build a portfolio of investments that further the mission of the National Bleeding Disorders Foundation.

About National Bleeding Disorders Foundation

The National Bleeding Disorders Foundation (formerly the National Hemophilia Foundation) is dedicated to finding cures for inheritable blood and bleeding disorders and to addressing and preventing the complications of these disorders through research, education, and advocacy enabling people and families to thrive. For more information, visit